I Remember – Matriculation for Accountancy course in 1978-9

I was given a place to pursue Bachelor of Accountancy in the University of Singapore (SU) in 1978. At the end of three years, I was awarded a degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The SU name was dropped since the government created a Joint Campus for Nanyang University (NU) and University of Singapore (SU). Name of Nanyang University disappeared too.  The Joint Campus was a merger of NU and SU for some undergraduate degree courses such as the Accountancy and Business Administration courses.

I studied at two campuses. First it was at Bukit Timah Campus. Mid-way through the course on 3 December 1979, we moved to Kent Ridge Campus. In July 1981, National University of Singapore (NUS) replaced the Joint Campus. So when we received our scrolls on Convocation Day, we graduated from NUS and we were the first batch to receive the degrees from NUS.

It was so confusing for us, moving from University of Singapore to Joint Campus and finally graduating from the National University of Singapore. My graduation scroll had no university crest/insignia on it. This was not even designed back then!

Talk about changes. These were changes in my undergraduate days.

Notes on Fees:
Tuition fee for Bachelor of Accountancy was $600 per year during my time.
Course is direct honours degree for three years.
Total tuition fees paid for the full course were $1,800.

Current Tuition fee for Singapore citizens is $9,350 per year.
Total fees = $28,050 for three years.
This is 15.5 times my fees paid in 1978/81.

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One Response to I Remember – Matriculation for Accountancy course in 1978-9

  1. Teck Ming says:

    Incredible that you have kept many of your old items for memory keepsake! Ever thought of donating to the national museum to share with fellow Singaporeans?

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