You walk alone

When you came to this world, you were alone.
You depended on your parents and people around you.
They were the people who cleaned you, fed you, and protected you.
They were your caregivers.

They watched over you until you were independent and able to take care of yourself.
The day will come when you grow old.
With aging and ill-health, you then depend on others to look after you.
You move from caregiver role to being cared.

This is the circle of life.
You will need the goodwill of people around you to look after you.
Be kind to them when you are growing up.
Give before you can receive.

Show gratitude and remember how your parents cared for you.
When the time comes, take care of your parents.
This will require sacrifices on your part.
You owe it to them.

You walk alone at the end of your journey.
You came alone and you leave alone.
When you live morally and are kind, you have no fear walking alone.
Live with kindness, compassion and with generosity.

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One Response to You walk alone

  1. Charmaine says:

    Beautiful post

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