“Death in the Clouds” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

Death in the Clouds was written in 1935. Death occurred in Chapter One on an airplane flying from Paris to Croydon. Of the eleven passengers, the famous private detective Hercule Poirot was on the same flight. It was inconceivable that a murder could happen in the cabin and yet no one seemed to notice it happening. The two stewards on the flight were no wiser and had not seen anything suspicious. So who did it?

The coroner inquest four days later did not establish the killer or killers. It was a verdict of death by poison and there was insufficient evidence to show who did it.

From this chapter onwards, Hercule Poirot with police detectives from England and France proceeded to crack this murder case. The mystery took all twenty-five chapters to reveal the real murderer. Agatha Christie was good in keeping the suspense till the last chapter where the method of murder and the motive were presented clearly.

Agatha Christie had a fertile mind to concoct this story living up to her reputation as the Queen of Mystery.

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