“It is better to add life to time than add time to life.”

The government has been telling us that we have to move with the time. We have to keep up with technology. Singapore must catch up with other countries which have moved ahead, like the cashless payments. We cannot stop innovating and to keep up with productivity at work places. Singapore must have economic growth to maintain our way of life, to keep with latest life styles. We must have money for retirement and to afford ever increasing health care costs.

What worry you? Can we afford to retire? Can we afford health care costs?

It looks like a vicious cycle of stress. To get well-paying jobs, we need to study hard and train hard. With things and services getting more expensive, we need that paying jobs. Things and services get expensive because we chase up the prices with our rising wages. With more pay, we have to produce work to justify the pay. When we are ready to retire, our health takes a hit from mental stress and neglect to our bodies. What is the use of retirement when we have ill health? Stress goes round and round.

Is there a break from this vicious cycle?

We are caught up in this rat race. At some point in our life, we must call a halt to this madness. We must know our limits and be contented with what we have.

We must worry less and live each day as it presents itself. “It is better to add life to time than add time to life.” It is sad to live a long life of misery. It is much better to enjoy this moment and to cope with life’s ups and downs as they come.

We need not envy others with fat pay cheques or the luxurious lives they lead. Our lives can be meaningful too without the excesses. Remember the goal is to reduce mental stress and to worry less. It is most difficult, but we have to try. So step back and take stock of our current life.

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