I Remember – Do you plan for retirement?

In my case, I was not enjoying my work in 2006. I took a leap into the unknown and quitted my full-time job. I was feeling burnout on the job. At that time, I was the Deputy Director of Temasek Business School in Temasek Polytechnic (TP). I did not know at the start that I would end my career that way. Health took priority over all else. I left the job with so many fond memories and so many friends I made over fourteen years.

I remember taking stock of my financial assets and working out how much were my recurring expenses. The question I asked myself was, “could I afford to retire?” In reality, I would not do it if I wanted to maintain the same lifestyle. I knew that I had to cut-back on some expenses.

Between 2006 to 2012, I took on part-time teaching at TP to ease me into full-time retirement. When I started work in 1981 after university, the official retirement age was 55 years. Now the retirement age was raised to 62 years. I kept to 55 years as my retirement age which I bargained for when I first started work. I kept faith with myself.

It has been five years into retirement. People and friends often asked me how I spent my time in retirement. I found it tedious trying to answer. I rather not entertain. You just go with the flow and live each day as it comes. It is up to each one of us to spend his/her time meaningfully. There is no roadmap to guide us.

Go with the flow. When the time comes you will know.

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