Less is More

This does not sound logical, somewhat an oxymoron. To put this in context, the less one acts can achieve more benefits. I am talking about human interactions.

Very often, we hear a person X complaining about person Y. Person X wants to take us into his confidence and to agree with him about person Y. Person X wishes that we can be on his side. It will suit him well when we add comments that are negative towards person Y. In fact, he will feel a sense of satisfaction because we agree with him. It is either you are with me or you are not. He forces us to take side.

Sounds familiar?

If this is in an office environment, then we are engaging in gossips and office politics. It is very common and I saw it in every workplace I was in. There was no exception. This can be very tiring.

If this is a family environment, then we are causing animosities among members of the family and those connected with the family, such as the domestic helper. This is very different from the office environment. We cannot withdraw from the situation easily since we are bounded by family ties.

We often hear complaints about people within the family. We also hear complaints about domestic helpers. One thing about such conversations, the aggrieved person is not there to defend herself. There could be another side to the story which may justify her action or inaction. It is not what it seems. In such a situation, it is wise that we stop further comments in the conversation, to stop “adding fuel” to the unhappiness. Just listen sympathetically. If we know the truth or another side to the story, just state the fact if it is beneficial to do so at that time. Remember to apply the rule: Is it the right time to speak? Is speaking beneficial to the hearer? Is the hearer ready to hear and has calmed down?

Sometimes the less we speak ill of another person, more harmony is possible. Sometimes, less talking and more listening work. Less is more.

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1 Response to Less is More

  1. ling says:

    bravo !
    thank you : )

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