“The Secret of Chimneys” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

The Secret of Chimneys was written before The Seven Dials Mystery. I read the latter before the former and would have been better the other way round. Several characters appear in both the novels. Chimneys is a grand historic home of England owned by Lord Caterham. The title suggests a secret that lies within Chimneys.

This novel has elements of politics, revolution, monarchy rule, heir to the throne, killings, stolen gems, illusive crooks and investigations to crack the case. There are many actors with so many names to take note of. It can be confusing at the beginning. But clarity comes towards the end of the book.

Read this novel with patience and the reader will be rewarded for seeing the whole events unfolding before his/her eyes. There are several twists up to the last chapters of the book.

This fiction is 314 pages long and was published in 1925. It has been a pleasure to read Agatha Christie’s novels. She was strong in conversational writing and her characters come to life as you read the pages. You could go on and on without stopping as if you were watching a movie.

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