“Death Comes as the End” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

The story was set in 2000 BC in Egypt. During that period, there were priests, land-owners and people prayed to Gods. Death Comes as the End is a fiction. The storyline revolved around a family whose head of the household was a ka-priest named Imhotep. The extended family had a matriarch named Esa, mother to Imhotep, and three sons and daughters-in-law, and one daughter.

Imhotep came home with a concubine one day. His wife and mother of the children died some years ago and this was the first time Imhotep took a very young and pretty concubine. Trouble started for the family since then. There were death and more deaths as the story evolved. Who was behind the string of deaths? Was the family under a curse or a spell?

This novel was clearly written and easy to follow. The suspense was there and Agatha Christie did it again to capture my attention. Though the fiction was written in 1944, the story can apply in modern times of superstitions. It could easily be written for a Korean TV drama or a movie show.

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