The will to live

The blank look in your eyes
Not focused and seem so far off
So hard to get you to smile a little

You do not acknowledge me
I am your child whom you nurtured
Do you know I was by your side?

You keep your mouth tight
Not speaking
Not eating and drinking

Don’t know what you are thinking
You just lie there in your bed
Your children want to do something

We want to know your pain
Not a cold response
Depression takes hold

We tried to keep you comfortable
Dressing your bed sores
Worry for you

I know
You think that you are a burden
Everyone grows old, no burden

You look after us in the past
Now we look after you
The least we can do

What more can we do?
I had called in your doctor
We had changed your bed

You will need the will to live
We will do our part
If you allow us to help

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