Bin it Right

What is with Singapore?

So long where there is an empty basket/box, people treat it as a dustbin. People just throw rubbish, empty disposal cups into the basket hooked to the front of a share-bike. This is the mentality of some who thought that as long as the rubbish does not touch the ground, it is not considered littering.

Another thing, where there is a flat surface, eg at the top of an ATM, you could find an empty plastic cup on the flat surface.

This is ugly and not desirable social behaviour. If you travel to Japan and Taiwan, the culture of anti-littering is prevalent. You may not find dustbins in these countries readily, not like in Singapore, yet you do not see litters around. This is a generation who has learned to love the country like their homes. They won’t do things to their country that they would not do in their own homes.

Would Singapore reach this state of good social behaviour?

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1 Response to Bin it Right

  1. Goh says:

    Throwing trash into someone else’s bicycle basket is an own favorite. Even happened to me when I was in Japan, haha

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