Are you sucked into negativity?

It happened in higher frequency in recent days. With the MRT breakdowns and commuters inconvenienced and injured, one could not help but to cast those connected with SMRT and LTA in a bad light. The topics of conversation among friends were invariably about the MRT breakdowns and collision. The cyberspace was inundated with jokes and video clips of who should be responsible for taking the rap for these unfortunate incidents.

Even when we were not the ones inconvenienced, the wrath was evident. How can we be world class when we could not even get the MRT system right? It was pure public anger on public transport.

It dawned on us that we were negative. The negativity had insidiously affected our psyche. The more we dwell on it, the more negative we are. When we are alone (eg. on a bus journey), our minds find something to think about. That is how our minds work. If we are not mindful of what were going in our minds, we could be spending unprofitable time on the MRT problems and moving deeper into them.

So I am going to tell myself to watch out for negativity seeping into my mindstream. If the thinking is not going to solve the problem, then why spend time on it? Know these negative thoughts by being vigilant and drop them and keep dropping them as they crop up now and then. Whether it is MRT problem or someone irritating us, be aware of these. Instead of getting flustered, why not send out loving-kindness and compassion instead to these people? This is the antidote for us to get out of negativity. May they too be well and happy just like us. This a sincere wish for the other parties to be well and happy.

May you be well and happy!

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