Having the urge to post in social media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WordPress are now a part of modern living. When we wake up each day, we reach for our mobile phones to see postings on these on-line platforms. Some years back before Facebook, we read e-mail. We complained then that we spent too much time reading and answering e-mail. Now we are inundated with so much on-line material from YouTube to blog sites and Facebook, etc. We could literally spend hours glued to our mobile devices. See the daily commuters on MRT trains and you know what I mean.

One reason for this explosion of information on-line is the kick one gets out of when one post something on WhatsApp, etc. We want to see more Likes on our posts.

I am slowly getting into this mental disease of wanting to post something on-line. I am going to stop before it is too late to extricate myself from this disease. From now on, there will be less posts from me.

We need to get a life and connect with people face-to-face in the natural environment and not the cyber-world. The cyber-world tends to glorify successes and fame. We do not live in a perfect world and we need to get real.

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