“Surrender” – A theatre performance by Ageless Theatre

Playwright: Prabhu Silvam
Artistic Director: Yeo Hon Beng

Do we surrender when lives throw you a curved ball? Do we give up and lament in our miseries? I remember when I was still a young boy (which was in the 1960s) I already knew the word Surrender. Such a long word and usefully uttered to get out of trouble. When I saw the title of the new play by Ageless Theatre (AT), it immediately connected with me.

After a hiatus of one year, AT came up with the 7th production this year. The cast of performers was familiar to me having seen them in the earlier productions. What was refreshing in this play was that three younger performers joined the cast of seasoned performers. This added realism to a modern play of lives in Singapore.

For a two-hour play, the scenes moved seamlessly from one individual to another whose life stories were independent of each other and over different time periods. I particularly liked the scene when Wayne Leong (acting the role of a coma patient) who got into an accident with a supermarket trolley and landed immediately onto a hospital bed placed on the stage (in slow motion). That was classic.

7 stories, 7 individuals and in this 7th Production were a treat. I liked the symbolic acts that represented the events of a certain period. The scene where the performers wearing Japanese Red Disk on white bands on their heads and moving stealthily with paper aeroplanes on their hands across the stage brought back memories of Japanese planes going over Singapore in the Second World War. It still brought back fear of that period. This required creativity on the part of the Creative Director, Yeo Hon Beng and all members of the production team.

Despite being a serious theme, there were enough humours to lighten up the atmosphere. Each time when dialects were used, it always cheered me up. Dialects were part of my growing up years. It could not do without.

In summary, you could feel the performers’ passions on stage. That will do for me to enjoy a production and of course with all the good things about “Surrender”.

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