“The Sittaford Mystery” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

Do you believe in seance? One day in a seance session, six people staying in Dartmoor received a message that Captain Trevelyan was dead. Would you believe it? Later, Captain Trevelyan was indeed dead in a small house he stayed in.

The mystery started with Inspector Narracott investigating into this unnatural death. As this was happening, a journalist with the Daily Wire appeared on the scene. Charles Enderby began snooping for news of the murder case. Together with Emily Trefusis, they did some investigating themselves.

Like in all of Agatha Christie’s stories I have read, the writer tailor-made the mystery to the situation at hand. In this story, Dartmoor was covered with several feet of snow when the murder took place. The murderer could have gotten away if not for one piece of evidence towards the end of the novel. It could have been a perfect murder.

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