Visit to Jelutong Tower at Central Catchment Nature Reserve (MacRitchie)

Jelutong Tower is lesser known than the TreeTop Walk. To reach the Tower, one can start off at Venus Drive and cut through Windsor Nature Park via the various boardwalks and walking tracks. The directional signs are prominently placed to guide you to Jelutong Tower. You cannot get lost if you keep on the trail. After Windsor Park, you would come to the entrance to Terentang Trail. Even when you see a barrier at this entrance, be rest assured that the barrier is to prevent vehicles from getting on the trail and not human traffic. At the end of the Terentang Trail, you would reach the Ranger Station. You cannot miss this Ranger Station. It has toilet facilities and it is a good place for a quick rest before continuing the journey.

This Ranger Station is where you decide whether you want to move towards TreeTop Walk or to take a different route for the Jelutong Tower. Since we had been to TreeTop Walk, we went on the Sime Trail for Jelutong Tower. The distance to Jelutong Tower is longer than TreeTop Walk by 500 metres.

Jelutong Tower is a 7-deck tower with a 360-degree view of the forest of MacRitchie. Jelutong Tower gets its name from the majestic Jelutong trees emerging from the canopy of the forest around it. Bird watching enthusiasts will love this tower. I saw one with a super big zoom camera waiting patiently to capture photos of some of these birds.

We started at 7.30 am in the morning. It took us about one hour plus to reach the tower. We stayed for a while at the top of the tower. There are benches for one to sit on. The return journey to Venus Drive took another hour plus. We ended the walk at 10.00 am.

Total number of steps taken was 12,000 steps covering 7.6 km. Flights climbed were 11 floors. This was a nice workout in the nature reserve with not too hot morning sun. The walk was not strenuous and quite pleasant.

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Ranger Station

Clear directional signs along the trail.

How the tower gets its name.

Jelutong tree above the canopy. Water in the distance.

Green coloured bird. Do not know its name.

Jelutong Tower. 7 decks.

Above the forest view from the top deck.

Map to guide you on your walk

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