“Closed Casket” by Sophie Hannah – A Book Review

The New Hercule Poirot Mystery by Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah is the new Agatha Christie. The famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot rises again some forty years later. When I first looked at the cover for Closed Casket I thought I was picking up an old novel by Agatha Christie but reprinted in 2016. Sophie Hannah, the writer for Closed Casket had already written another mystery of Hercule Poirot by the title of The Monogram Murders a year before.

It was unfair, but I did want to know whether Sophie Hannah was as good as the great queen of mystery, Agatha Christie. Sophie Hannah has my vote as a worthy writer of the brand name of Agatha Christie. The style of writing a Poirot mystery and the intelligence of Hercule Poirot in Closed Casket are evident in the new story of a murder right under the nose of Poirot.

Closed Casket is a story of deceptions and lies. It was a story of psychological grasping to get to the bottom of the truth that made a person or persons to lose his or her mental faculty. In this murder mystery, what is truth may not be so. I went through a stage of questioning how Poirot was going to solve this murder mystery. How can several contradictions be unravelled for the readers?

The ending was good and the truth was revealed at the end. I was kept interested until the end of the Epilogue. Sophie Hannah has created a murder mystery that carries the hallmarks of a Hercule Poirot Mystery.

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