“A Shadow of a Shadow of a Dream” by Catherine Lim – A Book Review

I picked up this book published in 2017 by Marshall Cavendish. A Shadow of a Shadow of a Dream by Catherine Lim was released by different publishers before, under a longer title for the book. It was named:

The Shadow of a shadow of a dream: Love stories of Singapore. It was first released in 1987 by Heinemann Asia and later by Horizon Books in 1999.

This book has eight short stories. They were love stories of Singapore taking us back to the years after Singapore’s independence. They were years when I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. In a sense, it was nostalgic to read these love stories in 2018.

Catherine Lim is good with words and the love stories did tug at my heartstrings. They are believable and could be real stories that actually happened in that era.

The thing that marred my enjoyment of this book was the many typographical errors found in this book. I found instances of names of characters were changed within a story. I can tolerate one error but when I found four such errors it became annoying. There were also errors in certain words in a single paragraph that were not grammatically correct. It gave a different meaning too. Reading passages that were not checked for spelling was tedious. It was not smooth reading for me. I wonder what editorial input the publisher Marshall Cavendish had on this book. A pity for such good stories by Catherine Lim.

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