How much time did you spend on your mobile phone?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much time you had spent on your smart mobile phone each day? Can you break it down to time spent on it because of work-related imperative and time spent for personal purposes (outside of work)? Do you constantly switch on your phone to check on status updates on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media? Do you watch YouTube and movies on-line while on the go? Do you spend time on on-line games on the phone?

Smart phones are time stealers. Modern technology and easy access to the Internet have made people dependent on the smart phones. Our lives are so much faster than those who lived in the industrial revolution. We want instant responses to our requests.

Let’s step back and look at the issue. Info-comm technology is there to aid us in our work and daily living. We must not be slave to the speed of information flow. We can control how we can use the smart phones.

In my case, I do not have many apps on my phone. For each new app loaded, I turned off notification feature of the apps. I choose when I want to open the apps.

Call me old school. I prefer to:

– have personal quiet time
– watch the world go by (on the trains, buses)
– do more reflections and contemplations
– come home to watch television
– read a book (not e-book)
– talk to people face-to-face (not via Skype or FaceTime)

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