Facebook – Entering phase of housekeeping for me

I had Facebook some 9 years ago (7 September 2009). When I first started using Facebook, it helped me to connect with family members and friends. I got friendship requests from my students, long lost school friends, colleagues and anyone who knew me casually. Overtime, I have built up a list of many Facebook friends.

Facebook lost its allure among some of my friends. They did not post anymore and the accounts remained inactive. For some, they provided links to all sorts of videos, other people’s photos and posts. They do not have their own personal updates. I got all sorts of updates that I did not read them. It was too burdensome to scroll through pages and pages of updates.

I have reached a stage in life that I have become more private. I do not want to share too much on Facebook. I only want to share those moments with people I knew who would appreciate them. Hence, I have been unfriending some Facebook friends to reduce my number of friends. I have reduced the number by two-third. I have also stopped accepting friend requests.

I felt quite good doing this housekeeping.

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  1. Kyith says:

    Don’t unfriend me if you are my friend!

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