“The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This is another Miss Jane Marple Mystery first published in 1962.

Miss Jane Marple believed to be close to 100 years old in the story still lived in St. Mary Mead. She belonged to a group of the elderly people who lived in Queen Anne and Georgian houses. She lived to see modern times such as a supermarket springing up in her town. Then there was new housing development across the stream that once was meadows with cows.

Through The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, Agatha Christie described great changes to her life since she lived through the period of 1891 to 1976.

Coming back to the story, I was brought to the world of pictures (films) with glamourous actress, Marina Gregg, moving in to stay in the neighbourhood as Miss Marple. On the day of the house warming party, Heather Babcock died suddenly on taking a cocktail drink. What was interesting was that the death occurred in front of so many people from invited guests to household personnel engaged by the celebrity couple. Who then had the opportunity to cause death and what was the reason to inflict this? Was Marina Gregg the target instead of Heather Babcock who was such a fan of the actress?

Miss Marple found out the killer and I guessed it correctly. This was rare for me. It was a good read to the end.

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