“The Labors of Hercules” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This is a Hercule Poirot Collection first published in 1947.

Hercule Poirot likened himself to a Greek hero Hercules in this Labors of Hercules. On nearing his retirement, Poirot decided to take on only twelve cases of crimes or mysteries to solve. Poirot was selective and chose only those that interested him or challenged him mentally. This collection has twelve cases with titles that tied in to Greek mythologies.

Readers who wish for read short stories (averaging twenty five pages) of the famous Belgian detective, this is a good book to read. Being short did not compromise the marvels of deductions of Hercule Poirot. Each story is a gem and as gripping as the one before. The twists and the unexpected conclusions are there in this book. Being short also allowed me to put down the book after each story ended. You have twelve stories for the price of one book!

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