Event Organisers can help reduce wastage

HDB Hub Atrium is often used for events. It is a popular venue for event organisers such as the ones organising for community events. It has a packed calendar of events and it is rarely unused as an open space.

Yesterday, I saw an event management team setting up the space for this weekend event. The first thing the contractor engaged to do the set-up was to lay fresh rows of fabric carpets onto the floor. (See photo).

I am of the opinion that the floor at HDB Hub Atrium is good enough and carpeting the floor is really unnecessary. If carpeting is also used to demarcate the area for the event, then there are other ways of demarcating without the use of carpets.

Imagine event organisers could play a major part in zero-waste endeavours to protect the environment. At the same time, it is cost savings for the event. I think the people visiting this kind of events would not mind the bare floor and in fact the flooring of HDB Hub Atrium is pretty good.

After each event, the contractors would then rip up the carpets and I do not know how they are going to re-cycle them. I imagine that they would not be re-used for other events. (Who would want a worn-out carpets?)

Maybe, the event management companies could think of ways to reduce waste in collaboration with event organisers. I am sure that things can work out for the sake of eco-environment practices.

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