Investing in Investment Property – A personal experience

Like most people interested in investing in residential properties, my wife and I too did this back in 1997 (before the Asian Financial Crisis). On 19 July 1997, we exercised an option to purchase a unit in Trellis Towers directly from the developer, City Developments Limited.

This is a freehold property. Details:

Purchase price $1,121,580 (after developer discount 7%)
Area of units 1,163 square feet
Cost per sq ft = $964

At that time, the rule on purchasing a private property was:

Items Property Stamp Duty
20% deposit in cash $224,316
2.5% on purchase price for stamp duty $28,250
Lump sum from CPF $326,264
Rest of purchase price in bank loan $571,000
Total $1,121,580 $28.250

The loan was taken from Credit POSB (before the merger of POSBank and DBS Bank on 16 November 1998). From then on the loan was transferred to DBS Bank.

Interest rate on loan ranged from 4.75% to 3.5% p.a. on daily rest basis.

We redeemed the mortgage (loan) on 15 June 2004, some seven years later.

Our starting point was that we had dual income. We would redeem part of the mortgage whenever we had bonuses from employment or had build up substantial sum in our CPF Ordinary Accounts. The rental income of this unit was used to repay the mortgage too.

From 1997 to 2000, the property was under development. We took over the property on 24 February 2000. It was rented from 22 August 2000 and then we moved in from March 2009.

We took risk when we were younger and were earning well. We invested in a property when the chance came. Now that we are older, we only have one property to stay in. I see the current property prices are way too high. It is tough to own a private property at prices like $1,500 per square feet. The property curbing measures make it harder. I count myself lucky.

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1 Response to Investing in Investment Property – A personal experience

  1. Sinkie says:

    For retail investors, often when we feel the urge to invest (whether property or stocks) is when valuations & prices are high …. and there are good vibes & positive mass psychology all around.

    It’s very hard to be able to step back & see the big picture and the long-term picture.

    For stocks, at least can scale in or DCA over e.g. 12 months. But for physical property it’s basically all or nothing.

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