“Limitations” by Scott Turow – A Book Review

I enjoyed reading Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent some thirty years ago. This fiction was a hit in 1987 when it was first published. Since then I had read Burden of Proof and Identical. The fiction Limitations is my latest read by the author. It was first released in 2006.

Judge George Mason is the central figure in this novel. He sat as the senior judge of a panel of three judges of the Court of Appeals in the criminal sexual rape case of People v. Jacob Warnovits et al. The statute of limitations would bar aggrieved party from bringing a criminal case to the court more than three years after the crime. Clearly three years had passed but a video tape of the horrific sexual assault on that night surfaced in public. Can the four white boys involved be set free from the rape of a heavily-drugged black girl just by virtue of this statute of limitations?

The Court of Appeals has to decide after the Kindle County Superior Court had found these boys guilty and was sentenced to jail. It was not easy for Judge Mason to come to a decisive stand on which way he would take. The author, Scott Turow shows us how a judge of George Mason’s stature is human after all. Judge Mason had a history of his younger days some forty years ago. Would this affect his judgement? The story got interesting when Judge Mason began to get death threats as the case was in deliberation.

The book is less than 200 pages long and it can be read quickly. I would recommend that one should take time to read each page and not to rush to complete it. There were times when I did not appreciate the styles of the American conversations among the characters.

The novel Limitations has elements of suspense and anguish. Who had been threatening Judge George Mason? Read the novel to find out.

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