“The Moving Finger” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This is a Miss Marple Mystery first published in 1943.

The story was set in Lymstock, a quiet country place for the narrator Jerry Burton to recuperate after an airplane accident. It might appear a nice town where everyone knew each other. But Jerry and his sister Joanna soon found out that there was someone who wrote anonymous hate letters to almost all people living there. These letters alluded to the scandalised nature of relationships among these people. It was ugly and downright disgusting. These accusations were not true of the recipients but it did not stop people saying that there can be no smoke without fire. One would certainly not want to be receiving such a poison pen letters. One day, Mrs Symmington committed suicide and in her hand she held a paper that said “I can’t go on”.

As I was reading the mystery, I was looking out for the person who was so vile to create these hate mails. I was looking out for motives and at the same time at opportunities for someone to create such mischief. Miss Jane Marple was called in to assist to solve the mystery at a much later part into the story. Having a good number of years of understanding human nature, Miss Marple was thought most qualified to lend a helping hand to the police and the narrator of the story who very much liked to catch this person.

Read The Moving Finger. It was one of Agatha Christie’s personal favourite stories. It was a neat story involving poison pen letters. Who did it?

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