“Elephants Can Remember” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This is a Hercule Poirot Mystery first published in 1972.

Elephants can Remember was the second last book in the Hercule Poirot series written by Agatha Christie in her later years.

Some ten – twelve years ago, the father and mother of Celia Ravenscroft died with gun-shot wounds on top of a cliff. Did Celia’s father shot her mother or was it the other way round? Was it a suicide pact as the news reported back then? Or was there a killer who did the killing? Celia Ravenscroft was about nine or ten years old and was away at school when her parents died mysteriously.

Mrs Ariadne Oliver, the godmother of Celia Ravenscroft, together with Hercule Poirot went on an investigation to establish what actually happened on that fateful day some ten – twelve years ago. Would people connected with the case remember after all these years? The title of the novel Elephants can Remember was chosen by the author to throw light on the case because people do remember past events just like elephants were proven to have good memories. By pursuing leads from one person’s memory to another person’s memory, Hercule Poirot went on a hunt to the last person who might have the final version of the circumstances leading to the deaths of the loving couple.

It was a touching story with events happening many years back. Now readers know the truth as Agatha Christie unfold the mysterious deaths bit by bit until the end with revelations of deep love.

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