“Three Act Tragedy” by Agatha Christie – A Book Review

This is a Hercule Poirot Mystery first published in 1934.

The story was structured as a Three Act Theatrical Play. Sir Charles Cartwright was a professional actor. He arranged thirteen people to a dinner at his home. Mr Babbington who was a parson suddenly died after taking a cocktail drink. It so happened that Hercule Poirot was at the same dinner when the sudden death occurred. Who would want a clergyman dead? It baffled even Hercule Poirot, the reputable private investigator from Belgian.

True to form, the author Agatha Christie wrote a death of the similar nature in Second Act of her book. This time round it happened in the house party of Sir (Dr) Bartholomew Strange. Sir Bartholomew was a close friend of Sir Charles Cartwright and Sir Bartholomew was present in both parties. This could not be coincidence. Some members invited to the first get-together were also present in the second party. Who in this group of people had a motive to kill two people?

Find out the truth in Third Act of the book where Hercule Poirot showed his mastery of his thought process to solving the murders. Poirot deserved a standing ovation for his act.

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