“Singing Market The Musical” performed at Silver Arts Festival 2018

Singing Market The Musical (花啦啦歌舞团 音乐剧) performed today at Drama Centre Theatre as part of the Silver Arts Festival 2018. First performed in 2010 and then in 2013, it is a production of Asia Musical Productions, a Malaysian musical theatre company founded by Ms Ho Lin Huay.

If you were one to reminisce about 1970s songs and music of that era, this is for you.
You get to hear popular songs like 不了情,往事只能回味, 我在你左右,and 11 others.

The stage was set for Ghost Festival Getai  歌台 performance. The story started with Festival Committee Chairman’s wife losing the money meant to engage a professional musical troupe for this year’s Getai. Because of this, the market vendors from noodle seller, fish seller to coffee shop owner were roped in to stage the musical. From the audience perspective, we got to see the preparation of these people to the actual performance on the night of Getai.

In the one and a half hours of performance, I was brought to my childhood era growing up listening to these familiar Mandarin songs. It was nostalgic to see bell-bottom pants and the 1970’s fashion worn by the artistes. The story included many romances, both of the past and of the present. The cast was endearing and comedic. I enjoyed their performances.

The next performance is 22 September 2.30 pm. Price of ticket is $8 for senior citizen and $12 for general public (add booking fee of $1 per ticket).

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