On Growing Old

I have reached this age that I could not imagine ever reaching when I was still a teenager. Yes, I saw my parents getting old. But not I when I was still in school and I had my whole life ahead of me.

I crossed sixty and I started to experience what it meant to be getting old. To some, age is just a number. I beg to defer. Our physical bodies age once we are born. It gets more pronounced when we are labelled seniors.

When a person gets old, it will come a time he/she must leave this world. This is an unpleasant subject matter to write about. But this is the reality of our human existence. If one were to treat dying as part and parcel of living this life, it would be just that – we live out our lives to the end.

Regardless whether it is a long or short lifespan, we can make our existence a meaningful and wholesome one with no regrets. The motivation for this blog post was when I learned that someone, so revered by many, was diagnosed with colon cancer. He is now undergoing treatment. Aging and sickness come together. Many parts of our bodies are subject to deterioration. When you visit specialist clinics for eyes, and ear nose throat (ENT), you will see many patients with these problems.

I know this because I see it happening on me. My left eye could not read. The macular had degenerated. My hearing is not as good as before. My knee hurt when it was impacted while climbing steps.

When you realise that life is fragile, it then hits you that our problems with colleagues or relatives, our money worries, our family problems are not significant when compared to healing our health problems.

Acceptance is the start point, that this aging and its myriad illnesses are the journey we take on the road of living. It can be the life-soothing balm. This does not mean that we can be reckless in wrecking our bodies. We still need to be kind with ourselves and be careful with ways of treating our bodies.

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