Walk along Everton Road, Blair Road, Spottiswoode Park Road and Neil Road

This a URA Conservation area of old two- and three-storey shophouses and residences built in the 19thcentury and before the Japanese Occupation period. Walk along this area and you will see the various architectural designs of Peranakan flavours of Chinese, Malay and European styles. Through years of conservation, renovation and re-painting, these two- and three-storey buildings stand proud of the past glories of the 1930s.

If you want to look at Singapore’s past, take a stroll of this area bounded by Everton Road, Blair Road, Spottiswoode Park Road and Neil Road. Appreciate the façades of these buildings. You will be able to see some beautifully-painted wall murals along some walls of these buildings.

One major attraction is 157 Neil Road, the Peranakan House that is called NUS Baba House.

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NUS Baba House at 157 Neil Road

Street Barber

Built in 1938

Along Everton Road

Old window grilles and metal collapsible gate

Hawking Soya Bean Milk

Old provision shop before Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice


What is the cat looking up at? Cat in the spotlight.

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