Inter-tidal Walk at Sentosa’s Tanjong Rimau Beach organised by TEDxPickeringStreet Adventures

“Wear covered footwear. Sandals, crocs, or slippers are strictly not allowed. Bring along a waterproof bag to hold your personal belongings, like handphones, wallets.”

What are we in for with this inter-tidal walk at Sentosa’s Tanjong Rimau Beach? I over-prepared for yesterday’s walk from 5 pm to 7 pm.

TEDxPickeringStreet Adventures organised this walk during the late afternoon and before sunset when the tide was out so that we could walk along the shoreline to learn and see for ourselves the rich marine lives on the natural shores. The guide, Ivan Kwan of Nature Adventure SG, took us through the walk with detailed explanation of the various marine lives, from sea grass, bubble seaweed, shrimps, crabs, corals, sea anemone, snails, octopus, jelly fish, worms, slugs, to sand collar.

This year is the Third International Year of the Reef and I am glad that I have participated in this walk to learn more about marine diversity of Singapore. We were told to walk carefully so as not to destroy or kill the life corals and marine lives. The covered shoes got wet and muddy and some did step and sunk deep into the soft mud. It was a unique experience and fun really.

The weather held up well yesterday without rain. It was also a cool night. I would recommend this walk if TEDxPickeringStreet organises another one again. Another take away, was that the evening view of Singapore southern coastline (at Vivocity) from Sentosa was good for picture taking.

Ivan Kwan explaining enthusiastically

Natural shore at Sentosa’s Tanjong Rimau Beach during low tide.

Getting your shoes wet and muddy was part of the fun

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