Loving the Trees

How often do we look up at the trees and admire them?

Trees outlive men. Some survive for thousands of years.
Sweet smells come from trees like the Tembusu trees.
Durians, rambutans come from trees.
Birds, insects, small animals live in them.
Squirrels scurry in them for food.
Woodpeckers peck on trees for insects.
The leaves change colours in autumn, shed leaves in winter.
You see colours in forest.
Trees can grow as tall as some HDB blocks.
The branches provide shade like the Rain Trees.
Cars are seen to park below trees despite bird droppings.
Trees prevent erosion of soil with their roots holding on to it.
Trees produce oxygen for human race to use.
Trees are part of the ecological system of mother earth.

Next time round, look up at trees and see the wonders of trees.

Copyright © 2018, limkimtong for Living Investment

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