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Looking back at 2018

Unilateralism Instead of multilateralism we see unilateralism being acted out in 2018. National interest took precedence over collaboration among countries. President Donald Trump pushes for America First as his political agenda. He and his administration is waging trade wars with … Continue reading

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How was my family expenditure for the year?

It is the end of the year. Our family expenditure went up when compared to last year. It was up 8.7%. I tracked big-ticket items over the year. The following table shows where we spent more. Cash outflow for 2018 … Continue reading

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Making Resolutions

People were saying making resolutions was passé (no longer fashionable). What is the use of making yearly resolutions when one cannot keep them? I thought so in the past but I have changed my mind. I have a different take … Continue reading

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Lasting Power of Attorney – The process of application was not so simple

Having done my Will, Advance Medical Directive (AMD), and CPF nomination, I have one last thing I need to do. That is to apply for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). What is LPA? The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) … Continue reading

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Visit to Admiralty Park and Woodlands Waterfront Park

There are two parks up north in Woodlands. One is Admiralty Park (beside Republic Polytechnic) and the other is Woodlands Waterfront Park. We spent Christmas morning visiting both. Admiralty Park has the latest attraction that is the playground for children … Continue reading

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Doing our parts to save this earth

We live on this planet called earth. We see more extreme weather conditions in recent years. Scientists attribute this to actions of human beings in modernisation, excess consumerism and indiscriminate destructions of earth natural resources. Though we may not be … Continue reading

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Water Usage was reduced this year

As a household of three persons, we had reduced our water consumption this year by 8.7% over last year (from 139.7 cu m to 127.5 cu m). One can track water usage by volume from compiling the monthly usage using … Continue reading

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10-year Bull Run for US stock markets halted

US stock markets hit rock bottom during the Global Financial Crisis on 1 February 2009. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) was 7,062.93 points. It was on a bull run for nearly 10 years touching a high of 26,828.39 on … Continue reading

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How was 2018?

As 2018 draws to a close, were my wishes and resolutions fulfilled? At the start of this year, I wrote the following: Hope 2018 brings less turbulence Less ego in politicians Wish for a safer world Not to be upset … Continue reading

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Penny Stock Informatics Education Limited

Informatics Education Limited (Informatics) was founded in 1983. In 2002, I spent $1,330 for 3,750 shares. After share consolidation in 2016, I now own 187 shares. My share investment is now worth ONLY $10 at share price of $0.057.  My … Continue reading

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