How was 2018?

As 2018 draws to a close, were my wishes and resolutions fulfilled?

At the start of this year, I wrote the following:

Hope 2018 brings less turbulence
Less ego in politicians
Wish for a safer world

Not to be upset with politics
Not to get annoyed with train breakdowns
Let things be

Live this moment
Love your family
Spend more quiet me time

Less Turbulence – Not so
The global financial markets were a rough ride throughout 2018. President Donald Trump and his administration was waging trade wars with several nations, chief of which is against China.

America pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement under the order from Donald Trump. This was a shocker.

Less ego in politicians – Not quite there yet
Egos of country leaders get in the way of a harmonious world. If every leader sticks to his/her position, there will be conflict and no give-and-take in negotiations. This was played out in some prominent politicians.

Safer World
Fortunately, there had been no major war between nations. North Korea and South Korea want peace and this is a good thing for Asia. No long range and medium range missiles were fired after Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un sat down to talk in June 2018 in Singapore.

Personal resolutions
I have told myself not to be upset with Singapore politics, regional politics and global politics. This was not easy as I read the daily news. I have my opinions and it was a conscious effort not to be emotionally tied to what was happening in this area. It will take time.

It was a good thing that we did not experience frequent MRT train breakdowns this year. So I am less annoyed.

Family is important. So is self. Looking out for others and caring for them strengthen compassion. I am still working on this.

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