Doing our parts to save this earth

We live on this planet called earth. We see more extreme weather conditions in recent years. Scientists attribute this to actions of human beings in modernisation, excess consumerism and indiscriminate destructions of earth natural resources.

Though we may not be zero-waste warriors yet, we can certainly do our part to reduce waste, help in fight for sustainable earth resources, reduce pollutions of air and water, and reduce carbon dioxide emission.

These are some ways we did as a family in this endeavour.

  1. We opt to cancel magazine subscriptions from various organisations like our alma maters. We can read their news on-line.
  2. We bring our own plastic bags each time we go to markets and supermarkets. We refuse to accept new plastic bags from them.
  3. We bring along a cloth-based bag each time we buy bread from the local bakery.
  4. We refuse to patronise foodstalls that use plastic cutlery and Styrofoam or plastic plates and bowls. We rather bring our own cutlery set if we want to eat from a particular stall.
  5. We walk to places within our neighbourhood. We reduce the use of my car and instead opt for public transport.
  6. We collect materials that can be recycled like plastic or paper-based packaging materials, old newspapers, etc and bring them to recycling bins.
  7. We re-use envelopes and you can find many uses of these envelopes!
  8. We target to save water, electricity and city gas usage by monitoring their usage each month.
  9. We do less shopping and buy when necessary. We use what we have in our wardrobes or in our homes.
  10. We cool our home with ceiling fans and natural air flow instead of air-conditioning.

By doing all of the above, we hope to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part for earth.

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