Water Usage was reduced this year

As a household of three persons, we had reduced our water consumption this year by 8.7% over last year (from 139.7 cu m to 127.5 cu m).

One can track water usage by volume from compiling the monthly usage using the monthly utility bills.

Singapore is planning to reduce the amount of water used by households by 2030, with a new target of 130 litres to be used by each person daily.

How did our household perform against this future target of 130 litres per person per day?

Water usage for whole year 2018 was 127.5 cu m (or 127,500 litres). Dividing this amount by 365 days (one year) and by three persons in the household, we get water usage of 116.4 litres per person per day. This is way below the future target of 130 litres set for Singapore!

We did our part to conserve use of water and reduce the impact of increases in water prices of July 2017 and 2018.

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