Visit to Admiralty Park and Woodlands Waterfront Park

There are two parks up north in Woodlands. One is Admiralty Park (beside Republic Polytechnic) and the other is Woodlands Waterfront Park. We spent Christmas morning visiting both.

Admiralty Park has the latest attraction that is the playground for children and family. It has 26 slides that boast the widest and longest in Singapore parks. The park is 20 hectares with Sungei Cina and mangrove swamp in the middle of a secondary forest and open grassland. Here you can find mudskippers, birds, dragonflies, butterflies and various types of trees and plants. The park has a new boardwalk to get us close to the mangrove swamp.

From Admiralty Park, we proceeded to Woodlands Waterfront Park by crossing a dividing road. From here we can see Johor Strait, and the Causeway in a distance. We are up close to Malaysia without our passport!

How to get there?

We met at Woodlands MRT Station and walked about 15 minutes along Woodlands Avenue 2 towards the South Entrance of Admiralty Park. From then on we explored the park all the way to the North Entrance of the park. To get to Woodlands Waterfront Park, we crossed Admiralty Road.

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