How was my family expenditure for the year?

It is the end of the year. Our family expenditure went up when compared to last year. It was up 8.7%.

I tracked big-ticket items over the year. The following table shows where we spent more.

Cash outflow for 2018 is compared with 2017.

Major cash outflow (in %) 2017 2018
Overseas trips 34.5 37.8
House-related items and services 19.7 23.1
Donations 12.5 17.0
Medical expenses 9.9 10.5
Computer and related expenses 8.9 0.3
Car expenses 7.9 7.6
Ang Pows 6.6 3.7

We spent more on overseas trips, house-related expenses, donations and medical expenses.

54.8% of total outflow went to overseas trips and donations. 23.1% went to pay for house-related items such as property tax, management fees & sinking funds, and repairs & maintenance.

Medical expenses that include health screening, dental came to 10.5%.

Computer and related expenses came down to 0.3% of total expenditure (last year was 8.9%).

More than half (54.8%) went to discretionary items like overseas trips and donations. These can be reduced in the future.

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