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Investing in 2019

Will there be a perfect storm in 2019? What if US and China continue with their trade wars? There is no deal Brexit. Oil prices continue to decline. There is slowdown in global economic growth starting with China. There is … Continue reading

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When can you start to withdraw from Supplementary Retirement Scheme?

Withdrawal from my Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) without 5% penalty will kick in when I reach statutory retirement age of 62 years old as at 1 April 2020 (next year). The withdrawal period is every financial year from 1 April … Continue reading

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Performance of World Equity Indices – 2018

All stock indices declined in 2018 except for India Mumbai BSESN. World Equity Indices 29-Dec-17 31-Dec-18 Change (%) Mumbai BSESN 34,056.83 35,935.31 5.5% Indonesia JCI 6,355.65 6,194.50 -2.5% Nasdaq 6,903.39 6,635.28 -3.9% US Dow Jones 24,719.22 23,327.46 -5.6% Malaysia KLCI … Continue reading

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