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Terminate Safe Deposit Box at Certis Cisco

Today, we took the momentous step to terminate our safe deposit box at Certis Cisco. We had this box since 2011. Before 2011, we were using the safe deposit box at DBS Bank to keep our important things. We had … Continue reading

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$6.56 lesson on Singtel Roaming International Call

We were in Cambodia in January. On receiving our February bills from Singtel, my wife and I were shocked that our bills were higher than normal $39.66. Mine was up by $6.56 and my wife was up by $13.12 (two … Continue reading

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US and China stock markets did a V-Shaped Recovery

US and China engaged in trade war in mid-2018 each slapping tariffs on each other’s exports. The stock indices of US, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore on 31 May 2018 before all these trade tariffs were tabulated below. These … Continue reading

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Reducing Risks as I get older

I have been reducing investment risk progressively as I get older. Without a stable income, I could not afford to take huge risk on investing my money. Over a 10-year period, I had stopped the following investment products: currency-linked investments … Continue reading

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Changi Beach Intertidal Walk

Wednesday 20 February from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, my family participated in the intertidal walk along Changi Beach just next to Changi Ferry Terminal (note: not Changi Point Ferry Terminal). Opposite the beach is Pulau Tekong. We were guided … Continue reading

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Life without a car

On the 8thof this month, I sent my car for scrapping after 10 years of using it. In less than two weeks, I received my PARF Refund and COE Refund into my bank account today. I used the service of Automobile … Continue reading

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Lost confidence in Singapore Equities

When I thought I have invested in established companies with past track records, I was deeply disappointed with these companies. I own 9 stock counters with paper losses ranging from 85.0% to 26.0%. Total paper loss comes up to $39,000. … Continue reading

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Know who you have nominated as beneficiaries for life insurance policies

I had taken up four life insurance policies in 1980s and 1995. I did not remember whether I had nominated someone to be the beneficiary of each policy when I passed away. These policies were taken up more than 20/30 … Continue reading

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Look Up at the Sky

When you next travel in a bus instead of using your smart phone or people watch, why not look up at the sky? (Before you do that make sure you protect your eyes if the sunlight is too bright.) Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Cost of driving a car

When I bought my Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6L Auto 10 years ago, the car cost me $54,088 with COE included. COE was $4,460. There was no financing cost for this car. After I scrapped my car, PARF/COE Rebates are $8,106. … Continue reading

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