Stopped Driving

I got my driving licence in 1977, my first car in 1983. I was driving since then. After 35 years of owning cars, I de-registered my Toyota Corolla Altis this morning. This car had served me well for 10 years. I wanted to be carbon footprint lite and to take public transport from now on.

I have this feeling of “loss” when I finally did it. Instead of chasing the 5 Cs during my heydays, I have dropped 2 Cs: Clubs and Car. It was a momentous moment today. When not owning a car, life can be simpler and not forgetting the reduction in expenditures that go with driving. No more road taxes, car insurance, petrol costs, parking charges, ERP charges and repairs and maintenance costs.

I had not been driving much leading up to today. The mileage was 79,459 km over 10 years. It shows that I do not really need a car. This car was bought on 27 February 2009 during the Global Financial Crisis. The COE paid was $4,460. Total cost of this car with COE was $54,088. This kind of price of owning a car can only happen during financial crises.

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