Cost of driving a car

When I bought my Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6L Auto 10 years ago, the car cost me $54,088 with COE included. COE was $4,460. There was no financing cost for this car. After I scrapped my car, PARF/COE Rebates are $8,106.

Car Costs Amount ($)
Purchase price + COE 54,088
PARF/COE Rebates (8,106)
Total cost of car 45,982

The car was used for 10 years. Depreciation cost is $12.60 per day or $4,598 per year.

I had incurred costs to maintain the car and costs to repair the car amounting to $9,040 for 10 years. This works to $904 per year.

Let’s look at all costs in using my car on a year basis based on 2018 data.

Types of costs Annual costs ($) Remarks
Costs of car 4,598  
Repairs and Maintenance 904  
Car insurance 878 50% NCD
Car road tax 742 1,600 cc
Car Park/ERP 300  
Petrol 928  
Total 8,350  

All in the cost of driving a car was $8,350 per year. This works out to about $695 per month. This figure is quite conservative as I take public transport too besides driving a car.

Without a regular income, $695 per month is too much to bear.

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