Lost confidence in Singapore Equities

When I thought I have invested in established companies with past track records, I was deeply disappointed with these companies.

I own 9 stock counters with paper losses ranging from 85.0% to 26.0%. Total paper loss comes up to $39,000.

Counter Cost ($) Latest Price ($) Loss (%)
Hyflux 1.38 0.21 85.0
StarHub 4.26 1.67 60.8
SembCorp Marine 3.34 1.60 52.0
SembCorp Industries 5.13 2.57 50.0
M1 3.68 2.04 44.6
Singapore Press Holdings 4.12 2.48 40.0
Keppel Corp 9.86 6.08 38.3
SingPost 1.47 0.955 35.0
Singtel 4.04 2.99 26.0

Of the list, I do not think I will get back much from Hyflux. 21 cents was the suspended share price. The re-structuring plan will leave me with near nothing.

StarHub, M1 and Singtel were shocking to say the least. The entry of the fourth Telco entrant TPG was government initiated and not anticipated by me.

SembCorp Marine, SembCorp Industries and Keppel Corp were affected by the sharp collapse of oil prices to US$30 in 2016. These companies are still trying to recover from weak oil prices.

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) that delivers The Straits Times, ZaoBao, etc saw their revenue shrinking from the media businesses. SPH is affected by the way people have been reading news and entertainment in the digital world.

SingPost was in the news lately with losing sight of its core business of delivering mails and parcels.

It is interesting to note that M1 is being acquired by SPH and Keppel Corp. I will be letting go of ownership at a price of $2.06. I am a price taker in this case with no say since I am a small investor.

My dilemma is whether should I cut loss and lose $39,000 now or should I give faith that the CEOs and the Boards of Directors of these companies can reverse fortunes for me? Would the share prices of these companies continue to decline in the future? Much I would like to be optimistic, but it is getting harder to be confident.

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