Life without a car

On the 8thof this month, I sent my car for scrapping after 10 years of using it. In less than two weeks, I received my PARF Refund and COE Refund into my bank account today. I used the service of Automobile Association of Singapore (AA) to help me scrap my car. Being AA member, I did not have to pay administrative fee for its service. The only thing one ought to know is that whatever value that can be obtained on scrapping will go to AA. (This may not apply if one goes to a motor dealer to scrap one’s car, ie one may get some money on scrapping.) The whole process was hassle-free and I trusted AA to do the correct procedures for me to deregister my car. I do not own a car in the LTA’s One Motoring Registry.

I began my life without a car. I gave up my NETS cash card. I passed my unused car park coupons to my friend. I have no need for owning DBS Esso Master card. No more petrol from Esso petrol station!  No car wash.

Each time when I passed by my usual car park lot where I parked my car in the past, my car was not there. It was empty and sometimes another car took its place.

Whenever I think how much I can save by not spending on a car, I knew it was the right thing to do. I will depend more on public transport now. There will be some adjustments but it’s alright since I am retired. Life can be in a slow lane. I can enjoy the rides since I do not have to drive!

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