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About Parenting – My Journey

My parent’s parenting approach was vastly different from parents of today. Back then Singapore was developing nation and now we are an advanced nation. My elder siblings’ generation was only too happy to complete secondary schools. Some only had primary … Continue reading

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Forest Bathing, Shinrin-yoku 森林浴

Being with nature is the most natural thing to do. In our highly-strung society, we are overwhelmed by daily tasks with all the modern amenities and gadgets, of which they are man-made. We sometimes forget there is a natural aspect … Continue reading

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Life Partner

When I get older I appreciate my better half even more She has been a constant in changing times When I get older We can take each other for granted She complements me To make a whole When I get … Continue reading

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“Life is a mixtape” by Ignatius Low – A Book Review

Ignatius Low reveals the humourous side of him in this book about his life from student days to year 2016. Ignatius is a true Singapore boy whom one can identify with growing up in the 1980s. His witty and funny … Continue reading

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Jelutong Tree

Jelutong, Jelutong Dyera Costulata by scientific name Tall among trees Rising above the rest Big columnar trunk With girth of 6.2 metres Small white flowers dropped like rain Carpeting the ground and dried leaves Its latex was used to make … Continue reading

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Earlier, heat of afternoon sun Living room darkened Anticipation of heavy rain Sound of huge rain drops hitting at windows Feeling of cool comfort Window panes misted Rain came thick Cascading down vertical walls Opposite buildings blurred Slashing sound accompanied … Continue reading

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I Remember – From Executive Diary to Smart Phone

Back in late 1970s and 1980s, I used to receive Executive Diary every year from advertisers. These were daily planners to record my appointments by the hours. In the 1990s, I started using Filofax personal organiser. It was made of … Continue reading

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Coping with impairing mental agility

I am first to admit that as I get past 60, my mental capacity is reducing. I can forget things every now and then. I have a short-term memory and I could not recall easily what I ate the day … Continue reading

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Singapore Airlines Retail Bond 2019

Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced on Wednesday that it is issuing up to S$500 million retail bonds for placement and public subscription (subject to upsize up to S$750 million). The issue price S$1 for S$1 in principal amount. The coupon rate … Continue reading

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Live Life Simple. Stop collecting.

Life can be simple. In the past, I kept things. I bought them and sometimes things were given to me. As I started to clear my drawers and boxes recently, I found items that I had forgotten I had them. … Continue reading

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