There can be only One CEO. There can be only One Managing Partner, One Principal. There can be only One Prime Minister of a country. This is the hierarchical structure of the governing world. Only one person can reach the pinnacle of an organisation. For majority of us, we can only play the roles to support the formal leader.

I have been thinking of why there has been so much stress in the society, especially in a society where economic growth is the focus for the well-being of society. Only with GDP growth, can the government hands out subsidies and money to those who need them most. It is an irony. One would think that with good GDP growth, citizens would be happy.

Stress builds up when workers have to deliver results. To keep up with the costs of living one wants to be better than the next person. Parents wish their children could excel in their academic and other pursuits so that they could have a head start in earning a living.

This brings me back to “there can be only One CEO” at the start. It must be accepted that each one of us is made differently, different DNA and different upbringings. We have different capacity, capability, aptitude and interest. Acceptance of who we are is key to less stress. We cannot force someone to be who they cannot be. This is especially so with young children. They mustn’t be pushed to their limits until they cracked. This applies to adults climbing the corporate ladders or leadership positions.

With acceptance, comes contentment with whatever we have and whoever we are. We are the ones to decide our own destinies. We alone bear the consequences of our actions. The devil is our greed. If greed can be acknowledged and then set aside, we can reduce frustrations and unhappiness. Be content with what we have.

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