About Death

Please skip this if one is uncomfortable reading about death.

One read about sudden mass deaths as a result of an aircraft crash or a terrorist attack or an earthquake in recent times. Lives were lost for people who were still healthy. It is not like old age when one could see the deterioration of one’s health over a period of time.

Much that we do not wish to be the unfortunate victims, we need to ask ourselves whether we could die with a peace of mind.

It is never too early to start a conversation about our own deaths. This is especially so once we are married and have dependants. Just like we need to have our own peace of mind, we do not wish our loved ones agonising over our deaths and what to do subsequently.

I can think of few broad areas to cover.

Financial Affairs and a Will
Writing up a formal Will is important. Have we nominated beneficiaries for our financial assets and properties? CPF nomination and insurance policy nomination are to be executed. Set up a list of all financial assets, properties and insurance policies details so that our loved ones could follow up on these. It would be nightmare for them to try to piece together what we have in our own names.

Matters on the Internet
We have accounts in cyberspace, such as e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, personal blogs, WhatsApp, etc. What are our loved ones supposed to do with these accounts? Would our loved ones be able to access these accounts and close them off? How can they know our passwords and details in order to do that? Think about that.

Locations of these items mentioned earlier
Tell your closest ones where these items are kept and how to access them. Make the locations obvious to them and not hide items secretly.

Insurance and Banking Accounts
These two items deserve a special mention. Knowing these will help them to do insurance claims and to close all our bank accounts.

Funeral rites
The last area to consider is on funeral rites. What to do with our ashes after cremation? I had seen cases where there were differences in opinions on funeral rites from older relatives. By setting our wishes upfront, this would facilitate our loved ones when they carry out our wishes.

These actions are like keeping our house in order. It is necessary because life is uncertain. We cannot know what will happen the next moment. We do want our loved ones to know what to do if untoward happen to us.

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