Forest Bathing, Shinrin-yoku 森林浴

Being with nature is the most natural thing to do. In our highly-strung society, we are overwhelmed by daily tasks with all the modern amenities and gadgets, of which they are man-made. We sometimes forget there is a natural aspect of this earth, the forest. The forest where you find plants, trees, birds and other animals; water streams, water falls. The forest changes with the seasons, rejuvenating itself. It stimulates our senses with its colours, sounds, smells and cool air surrounding it.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese language is popular in Japan, Norway and Canada. It is natural therapy by immersing in a forest.

Each time when I walked in a forest, I could lose myself and be one with the trees and other inhabitants of the forest. It was an indescribable happiness with this kind of experience. It is NOT happiness when you make money in a stock market. It is NOT happiness with your loved ones. It is NOT happiness when you do well in your study.

Try it and feel for yourself.

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Forest in Taiwan, 奋起湖

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