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Coping with impairing mental agility

I am first to admit that as I get past 60, my mental capacity is reducing. I can forget things every now and then. I have a short-term memory and I could not recall easily what I ate the day … Continue reading

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Singapore Airlines Retail Bond 2019

Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced on Wednesday that it is issuing up to S$500 million retail bonds for placement and public subscription (subject to upsize up to S$750 million). The issue price S$1 for S$1 in principal amount. The coupon rate … Continue reading

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Live Life Simple. Stop collecting.

Life can be simple. In the past, I kept things. I bought them and sometimes things were given to me. As I started to clear my drawers and boxes recently, I found items that I had forgotten I had them. … Continue reading

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About Death

Please skip this if one is uncomfortable reading about death. One read about sudden mass deaths as a result of an aircraft crash or a terrorist attack or an earthquake in recent times. Lives were lost for people who were … Continue reading

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Cancelling DBS Esso MasterCard

I had the DBS Esso MasterCard for many years. I held it until DBS upgraded it to Platinum card at an annual fee of $36. Then I received a statement advising me that from 12 December 2018 the annual fee … Continue reading

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There can be only One CEO. There can be only One Managing Partner, One Principal. There can be only One Prime Minister of a country. This is the hierarchical structure of the governing world. Only one person can reach the … Continue reading

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The Boardwalk at MacRitchie

Walking, left right left right Purposeful, mindfully Along calm water edge Rain forest on the right Colours of green and brown Natural, not arranged Cool even with morning sun For most parts shady walk Some parts bright and sunny Birds … Continue reading

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