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When Rates Go Up, Cut on Usage

For most people, they are affected by rates increases that have impact on their cost of living. Chief among these is the public transport fare increases from 29 December 2018. From this date, card fares for adults travelling on buses … Continue reading

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Among the Masses

The bottom 20% with regard to household income has been the focus of the government. Policies on government transfers and taxes are tailored to them at every budget cycle. The top 20% has less need for government support since their … Continue reading

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Learning to live with imperfections

I continue to wish order in my life. If things were a mess, I would straighten them out. If the newspapers were not placed nicely under the coffee table, I could not help it but to stack them up neatly. … Continue reading

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April month turns out well for financial markets

The financial markets rebounded from the low levels in December 2018. The equity markets did well in April, up till now. Even the Straits Times Index (STI) had re-bounded from 3,068.76 points at 31.12.2018 to 3,362.43 points today, up 9.6%. … Continue reading

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Aging process and its impacts on me

One cannot stop the deterioration of our body as one gets older. I bit into a hard sweet and caused a chip of my lower incisor tooth this morning. When I was young, biting into things did not result in … Continue reading

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Forest Bathing at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Saturday morning. A morning for walking the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Each time I went there, I felt a sense of calm and happiness. This morning was no exception. We walked the length of the Botanic Gardens from the Bukit Timah … Continue reading

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Keeping mind active, picking up new skill

A common recommendation for a person who is getting on in age is to keep his mind active. Our minds would lose their functions gradually when we do not use them to the fullest extent. This is especially so when … Continue reading

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